About EDEN

Effective Diabetes Education Now! (EDEN) was initially established as a joint venture between Leicester City CCG and Leicester Diabetes Centre (LDC), as a wide scale transformation programme in 2012, addressing a skill gap in diabetes knowledge in primary care.

Following the successful implementation of EDEN in Leicester, EDEN has grown rapidly and is now being utilised by CCGs nationally and internationally. The EDEN programme provides organisations with the opportunity to transform diabetes care by enhancing the skills levels of staff involved in diabetes care.

EDEN operates with a core group of LDC staff who work across key areas in education at LDC as well as EDEN, and have clinical roles. They work across Healthcare Professional (HCP) training, and a range of other specialist areas of research and education which combined with their clinical skill set gives a unique portfolio of experience and credibility. The team is diverse and comprises of Diabetes Specialist Nurses, GPs, Consultants and expert Allied Health Professional roles such as dietetics, psychologists and physiotherapists.

EDEN benefits:

  • Commissioning groups: Assurance of an up skilled workforce which can deliver locally for their population with key resources and support, retaining local context/specialist delivery.
  • Patients: Safe in the knowledge they will receive excellent care from a workforce that is up-to-date and competent. Patients can be confident in receiving the best possible evidence-based care.
  • HCPs: Individuals and teams can be assured that they receive evidence based training from highly experienced clinicians and educators, with support and practical application to ensure high quality patient focussed care.

Our Philosophy

EDEN is based on a philosophy which gives HCPs and primary care staff the knowledge and skills to deliver effective education. It is more than just a course, or a folder on a shelf. The skill is in the blend of people and products, and these make it successful and embedded into care to deliver successful outcomes for patients.

Elements of EDEN are a range of courses, Knowledge and Confidence recording, competency-based training, training needs analysis, monitoring and feedback, mentoring and support and an overview of performance through trend and gap analysis tools.

EDEN provides sustainable local delivery suited to patient population and local need, driven by impressive feedback and credentials. The EDEN philosophy embodies all that is diabetes education, encompassing up-to-date information, delivered in an engaging participative style.

What do people say about EDEN?

“Through EDEN, providers will be able to offer their patients optimal management of diabetes and its related conditions and improved health outcomes.”

Dr Sam Seidu, G.P. and Diabetes locality lead