Fiona Munday is an Education and Research Associate, delivering study sessions and mentorship as a Diabetes Educator to Health Care Professionals locally and nationally.

Fiona’s background is in practice nursing, an area she has worked in for 25yrs, following the completion of a diploma in diabetes management, Fiona developed a hunger to learn more and found her passion for teaching.

Fiona’s passion is evident in her day to day work; to care and help others was the reason for nursing and she is able to utilise her skills and values at the LDC supporting fellow HCP’s. As well as surrounding herself with peers that are knowledgeable and experienced, learning something new every day!

When Fiona is not working she is often found outdoors, loving all water sports, especially sailing and canoeing, also enjoying ski-ing and cycling holidays, as well as allowing time to relax.

Favourite quote - “Do to others what you would have them do to you” Jesus

Top 3 favourite Films/TV series/Books - Film - The Sound of music. TV – The Great British Bake Off. Book - Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese