Mary is a Diabetes Nurse Educator and Research Associate, teaching GP’s, Practice Nurses and HCAs about diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

During her previous roles as a coronary care nurse, a CICU and ICU nurse Mary cared for acutely unwell, mainly cardiac patients. During her time as a cardiovascular clinical research nurse, Mary captured an insight into the wonderful world of innovation, working to make the lives of those with cardiovascular diseases better.

Mary is driven by her core values - care, compassion and integrity, loving the variety her current role provides and the opportunity to train a variety of individuals.

Outside of work, Mary enjoys singing and performing in a musical every year, as well as, cycling and swimming with her family.

Favourite quote - “Put on more lipstick and attack” Coco Channel

Top 3 favourite TV series – Humans, 24 hours in police custody and The Handmaid’s Tail.