EDEN scoop the prize at the East Midlands Diabetes Awards 2019

Complement is our exciting, award winning, training programme specifically designed for clinical pharmacists, with one aim – to improve the knowledge and confidence of pharmacists in giving holistic care to people living with diabetes.

There are currently around 1,000 clinical pharmacists in the country, often working with GP’s, nurse practitioners and other HCP’s.

Our 3 step progamme includes:

Step 1 – Face to face education sessions. Full day interactive learning modules in the following critical clinical areas:

  • Glycaemic Treatment Options (including oral and injectable therapies)

  • Insulin Management (2 separate days)

  • 3 Treatment Targets (Holistic diabetes care including blood pressure, lipids and blood glucose management)

Step 2 – Mentoring. Follow on from step 1, clinical mentorship. Ranging from clinician observing mentor, right through to the reversal of this as confidence and experience grows.

Step 3 – Workshops. Being present at pharmacist federation meetings.

At EDEN, we have piloted our diabetes education for clinical pharmacists with some excellent outcomes:

“The support from EDEN has helped me so much and the mentoring has been invaluable.”

“I am now using a holistic approach to patient care and have empowered the patients to make meaningful changes to their lifestyle. Decisions about each patient’s treatment are made in collaboration with the patient, and the patient playing the role of an equal partner in our interaction”

Laura Willcocks added, “We were delighted to be presenting Complement at the East Midlands Diabetes Conference on 12th June and the team were thrilled to walk away with the EMDA prize. Education and mentoring is at the heart of every module we deliver, from eLearning through to face to face sessions, this award is a true testament to the dedication of the team here at EDEN and to be recognised for the work that we do, is extremely rewarding.”

Rachel Gardner